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Units directly under or units in charge of
  • Policy-making advisory experts Committee.
  • The SDRC Academic Committee.
  • The SDRC Secretary Council.
  • Shanghai WTO Affairs Consultation Center.
  • Shanghai Development Strategic Research Institute;
  • Shanghai Economy Almanac.
  • Shanghai Development Research Foundation.
  • Development & Promotion of Yangtze Council.
  • Editorial Department of Shanghai Economy Almanac.
  • Shanghai Circulating Economy Research Institute.
  • Editorial Dept. of Shanghai Economy Almanac
  • Editorial Dept. of the Journal of Scientific Development.
  • Liaison Office for Ministerial-Municipal Joint Research Cooperation.
  • Office of International Cooperation & Exchange.
  • Office of the Decision-making Consultation Experts Committee of Shanghai Municipality.
  • Assessment Office for the Decision-making & Consulting Research Achievements.