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Main functions

1. Study on the overall and strategic issues concerning Shanghai’s economy, social

development, reform and opening-up.

2. Trace the dynamic trends, analyze the inconsistency, study the countermeasures and forecast

the prospects, submit decision-making proposals and consulting advices to the CPC Shanghai

Committee and the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government in due course.

3. Organize assessment of the decision-making and consulting research results as well as the

appraisal and decision of the distinguished research achievements once every two years.

4. Organize and coordinate the decision-making and consulting research work within the

government sectors.

5. Conduct the information and data maintenance work of the Shanghai Decision-making and

Consulting Proposals System.

6. Administrate the related organizations and institutions entrusted by the Shanghai Municipal

People’s Government.

7. Compile and publish Shanghai Economy Almanac and Journal of Scientific Development.

8. Undertake other missions assigned by the leaders of the Shanghai Municipality.