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Mr. Yan Led a Special Research on the Integration of Shanghai Pudong New Area

On August 17, 2017, a total of 4 people led by Yan Jun, deputy director general of the SDRC did a special research on rural-urban integrated development in Shanghai Pudong New Area.

The Government and the Development and Reform Commission of Pudong New Area arranged a meeting, inviting the research group and relevant departments to talk about how Minhang District promote the urban and rural integrated development. Representatives from District Development and Reform Commission, District Land and Resources Bureau, District Agriculture Committee, District Construction and Management Committee, District Finance Bureau, District Civil Affairs Bureau, District Education Bureau and District Technological, Economic and Trade Commission participated in this meeting and discussed the challenges and suggestions to promote the integration of urban and rural development of Pudong New Area.

Other colleagues of the SDRC and Municipal Research Office also participated in the research.