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Postdoctoral Workshop of the SDRC Held a Research Proposal Seminar

On the morning of December 20, 2017, Postdoctoral Workshop of the SDRC held a research proposal seminar.

The expert group of the research proposal seminar was composed of Zhou Guoping, standing deputy director of the postdoctoral workshop and deputy director general of the SDRC, Yuan Zhigang, deputy director of the postdoctoral workshop, Quan Heng, director of the World Economic Research Institute of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Yin Desheng, Dean of the School of Economics at East China Normal University, Qian Zhi, Chen Qunmin, Gao Qian, members of the postdoctoral tutor committee of the SDRC, and Zhou Shixun, deputy director of the postdoctoral workshop and director of the management office for postdoctoral affairs.

The postdoctoral fellows Huang Jiajin, Jin Jiachen, and Li Xudong delivered their research proposals on Study on the Upgrading of Shanghai's Industrial Structure in the New Era, Study on the Innovation and Development of Shanghai International Shipping Center from the Perspective of Global Supply Chain and On Financial Reform of Free Trade Zones and the Establishment of the International Financial Center – A Case Study of Shanghai respectively. They gave a brief introduction of the status quo, significance, content, methods, objectives and innovative ideas of their research to experts present.

Experts commented on these topics proposed by the three postdoctoral fellows from the perspectives of necessity, significance, feasibility, and application value, and provided suggestions on the key points and structure of these research.