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The SDRC Held the First Youth Forum of 2018 themed with New Looks and New Prospects

On the afternoon of February 26th, the first 2018 Youth Forum themed with New Looks and New Prospects was held. Zhou Guoping, member of the SDRC Party Group and deputy director general of the SDRC, Xu Zheng, member of the SDRC Party Group and secretary of the SDRC’s Party Committee, attended the forum with young colleagues , exchange ideas, and talk about the development prospects.

On the forum, young staffs shared interesting things that they saw or heard during the Spring Festival in their hometown. They discussed new opportunities and challenges that China faces as China’s overall national strength increases, and lessons that other provinces and cities could learn from Shanghai. Firstly, they compared the differences between the development of China and foreign countries depending on what they experienced during the Spring Festival. Secondly, they shared changes in hometown and their reflection. Thirdly, they discussed the lesson that these various social phenomena could bring about the development of Shanghai.

Zhou Guoping, Deputy Director General of the SDRC gave inspiring comments on the speeches of these young colleagues. He agreed with their deep reflection on the economy and society during the Spring Festival, and also shared his stories happened in the Spring Festival which won the applause of young colleagues.

Xu Zheng, Secretary of the SDRC’s Party Committee concludes that this forum is a brainstorming opportunity to help young colleagues increase their insights, strengthen self-confidence, and promote comprehensive ability. She also encouraged young colleagues to make new progress in the New Year.