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Postdoctoral Workshop of the SDRC Held the Twenty Third Academic Seminar

On the afternoon of May 31, 2018, the postdoctoral workshop of the SDRC organized the 23rd academic seminar. Twelve experts, scholars and postdoctoral researchers from the postdoctoral workshop, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Tongji University, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics participated in this seminar, which was hosted by Lu Yao, postdoctoral researcher of the postdoctoral workshop of SDRC.

Professor Rong Yueming, Director of the Institute of Literature of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, gave a keynote speech themed Shanghai Urban Space Transformation: Characteristics and Trends from a Cultural Perspective. Professor Rong briefed on the trajectory of urban spatial evolution in Shanghai since the founding of the People's Republic of China, analyzed the cultural and economic background, characteristics and trends of Shanghai's urban spatial evolution, and put up with new ways of accelerating the development of Shanghai's innovation and economic transformation through case studies.

Zhou Shixun, deputy director of the Center's postdoctoral workshop, commented on Shanghai's cultural development and international exchanges. Participants held a heated discussion on the culture of international urban space and the relationship between culture and economy.