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Distinguished decision-making consulting experts of Shanghai Municipal People’sGovernment (2010.12-2012.11)

Niu MingShi  Dean, Public Economy and Management College, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics(SUFE)


Wang Yuan  Executive Vice-President, China Scientific and Technological Development  Strategy Research Institute


Wang YiMing  Vice-President, Macro Economy Institute,

 National Development and Reform Commission


Wang XiaoGang  President, SiChuan Economic Development Research Institute


Wang ShiHao  Vice-President, Shanghai Bank


Wang GuoPing  Vice-President, Shanghai Municipal Party Committee School, CPC,

President, Shanghai Economic management cadre College


Wang GuoGang  Director, Financial Research Institute, SASS


Wang HongWei, Vice-Chancellor, SUFE


Deng WenKui, Director, Social Development Department, Research Institute of the State Council


Shi JinChuan  Division Chairman, Social Science Div, Zhejiang University


Zuo XueJin  Executive Vice-President, SASS


Shi LiangPing  Vice-President, ShangHai Customs College


Wu Jiang  Vice-Chancellor, TongJi University


Liu Wei  Vice-Chancellor, BeiJing University


Liu He  Deputy Director, Central Government Financial Leading Group Office


Liu ShiJin  Deputy Director-General,  Development Research Center of the State Council


Liu ZhiBiao  Secretary of The Party Committee, President, JiangSu Academy of Social Sciences


Hua Ming  Director, World Economy Institute, Fudan University


Sun HaiMing  Director, Shanghai Institute of Foreign Trade


Jiang XiaoJuan  Deputy Director-General, Research Institute of the State Council


Wu KeMing Director-General Anhui Provincial Government Development Research Center


Zhang Guangsheng  Vice-President, Shanghai Automobile Industry(Group) Parent Company


Zhang YouWen  Director, World Economy Institute, SASS


Zhang ShuGuang  Vice-Chancellor, Shanghai International Studies University


Li Yang  Deputy Director-General, SASS


Li Gang  President,  Greater China for Accenture


Li YouMei  Vice-Chancellor, Shanghai University


Li JIanGe  President, China International Capital Corporation Ltd


Yang JianLong  Director, Urban Culture Institute, Shanghai Normal University


Yang RuiLong  Dean, Economy College, China Renmin University


Lian Ping  Chief Economist, General Manager, Jiaotong Bank Head Office


Chi FuLin  Excutive Director, China(Hainan) Reform and Development Research Institute


Chen Bo  Senior Global Vice-President, President of Greater China, Capgemini


Chen Huai  Director, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Construction


Chen DongQi  Vice-President, Macro Economy Institute,

 National Development and Reform Commission


Zhou Lin  Dean, Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University


Zhou TianYong  Deputy Director-General, Central Party School Institute, CPC


Yu ShiCheng  Chancellor, Shanghai Maritime University


Lin ShangLi  Professor, International Relation and Public Affairs College, Fudan University


Jin Pei  Director, Industrial Economics Institute, SASS


Shi NengZi  Managing Partner, Deloitte


Hong YinXing  Secretary of The Party Committee, Nanjing University


Xia Bing  Director, Financial Research Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council


Yuan ZhiGang  Dean, Economy College, Fudan University


Chu DaJian  Director, Sustainable Development and Management Institute, Tongji University


Jia Kang  Director, Fiscal Science Institute, Ministry of Finance


Gu HaiYing  Director, Antai College of Economics and Management, Shanghai Jiaotong University


Gao Wei  Dean, Resource and Environment Science College, East China Normal University


Ge YanFeng  Director, Social Development Research Department, Development Research Center of the State Council


Xie ZuXi  President, Greater China Region, Bosch


Xiong ChengYu  Director, National Culture Industry Research Center, Qinghua University


Cai Fang  Director, Population and Labour Economics Institute, SASS


Huo JianGuo  Director, International Trade and Economic Cooperation Academy, Commerce Department