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The first Shanghai Brains Forum (SBF) opened with Shanghai Exchange Center for Economic Insights(SECEI) Founded

SDRC launched SECEI along with the international think-tanks in Shanghai, and held the first SBF successfully, the theme of which is Innovation, Transformation and Development, in January, 2011.

Mr. JiangPing, the Secretary-General of Shanghai Municipal Government, and Mr. ZhouZhengHua, Director- General of SDRC, jointly inaugurated SECEI, after Mr. Jiang red out the congratulatory letter from Mr.HanZheng, the Mayor of Shanghai. Four keynote speeches on “Information Disclosure Driving Government Transformation”, “Creating Intelligent, Excellent, Efficient Government Services”, “Building Innovation Systems To Develop Knowledge-based Economy And Accelerate Transitional Development Of Shanghai”, “Originality, Lohas, Co-opetition, Brand” were delivered by international think-tanks such as Deloitte, Capgemini, Accenture, Bosch on the forum.

Mr. SunFuQing, the Deputy Director- General of SDRC, presided over the forum. In the name of  SECEI, Mr. ZhuJinHai, also the Deputy Director- General of SDRC, issued the initiative in promoting innovations    in Shanghai.