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Steadily Driving Chinese Enterprises to “Go Out” by Enhancing Their Outbound M&A Capability

In the context of comprehensive reform on state asset and state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and the acceleration of enterprises’ internationalization, tracing the emerging trends in Chinese enterprises outbound M&A to improve their capability in this regard and offering specific services on outbound M&A can not only help Shanghai local enterprises go global, but also better the urban services, so that Shanghai will play a better role as a bridgehead in executing the “Go Out” strategy. In March, 2015, Boston Consulting Group released Catching the Next Wave of Outbound M&A in which it reviewed the last-decade development and the current state of Chinese enterprises’ outbound M&A, analyzed the emerging trends, identified possible challenges facing Chinese companies during M&A, and ultimately raised solutions. With the helpfulness of the report, main insights were refined from it by Shanghai Development Strategic Research Institute for leaders’ decision-making.