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The Development of the US Professional Sports Industry and Lessons for Shanghai

In recent years, Tokyo, Singapore and other global cities have been paying more attention to the effect Sports can have on improving cities’ soft power. By making plans like Vision 2030 for sports industry, they specify the long-term development goals of the industry. As the speeding up the development of sports industry has been upgraded to a national strategy in the 46th Document of the State Council, it is beneficial for Shanghai to learn from the development goals and plans of these cities’ sports industry when developing its sports industry and building itself into a world-recognized sports city. So Shanghai Development Strategic Research Institute recently has compiled a series of research reports. This report was composed based on the US Professional Sports Industry Report 2014 recently released by IBISworld, a business intelligence leader specializing in Industry Market research who explored the driver to the renaissance of America’s professional sports industry and the status quo of the industry. It also pointed out that improving spectators’ experience is fundamental for the industry’s development. Main ideas are refined as follows for leaders referring to.