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  • The Development Status of America’s Advanced Industries and Strategies for Future Development2016-10-8 In February, 2015, Brookings Institute, a world-renowned think tank published its latest research report America’s Advanced Industries: What They Are, Where They Are, and Why They Matter, in which the institute points out that advanced industries are critical for economic renewal in the US. In recent years, as America’s competition is eroding, both companies and the government are needed to help advanced industries to regain competitive advantages. This report provides important lessons for Shanghai to realize the industry development led by scientific and technological innovation. Main insights from the report are refined as follows for leader’s decision-making.
  • New Order of Global R&D2016-10-8 With the change of geographic footprint of innovation and R&D programs, enterprises are increasingly shifting R&D to somewhere else. In the report 2015 Global Innovation 1000 released in November, 2015, PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting analyzed R&D spending across the 1000 largest R&D spender globally (publicly traded firms), and the global R&D footprint of the 207 companies that spend most in this regard. The study reveals that companies that conduct R&D worldwide are rewarded with higher returns, Chinese enterprises are making steady progress on innovation and Asia is now the first choice for global enterprises to conduct R&D. The report also points out that Europe is somewhat slipping, while the US still boasts incomparable edges on innovation. This research can provide important lessons for Shanghai to understand the global R&D footprint of multinationals and enhance local companies’ innovation capabilities. Main ideas from the report are refined as follows for leaders’ decision making.
  • The Development of the US Professional Sports Industry and Lessons for Shanghai2016-10-8 In recent years, Tokyo, Singapore and other global cities have been paying more attention to the effect Sports can have on improving cities’ soft power. By making plans like Vision 2030 for sports industry, they specify the long-term development goals of the industry. As the speeding up the development of sports industry has been upgraded to a national strategy in the 46th Document of the State Council, it is beneficial for Shanghai to learn from the development goals and plans of these cities’ sports industry when developing its sports industry and building itself into a world-recognized sports city. So Shanghai Development Strategic Research Institute recently has compiled a series of research reports. This report was composed based on the US Professional Sports Industry Report 2014 recently released by IBISworld, a business intelligence leader specializing in Industry Market research who explored the driver to the renaissance of America’s professional sports industry and the status quo of the industry. It also pointed out that improving spectators’ experience is fundamental for the industry’s development. Main ideas are refined as follows for leaders referring to.
  • Steadily Driving Chinese Enterprises to “Go Out” by Enhancing Their Outbound M&A Capability2016-10-8 In the context of comprehensive reform on state asset and state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and the acceleration of enterprises’ internationalization, tracing the emerging trends in Chinese enterprises outbound M&A to improve their capability in this regard and offering specific services on outbound M&A can not only help Shanghai local enterprises go global, but also better the urban services, so that Shanghai will play a better role as a bridgehead in executing the “Go Out” strategy. In March, 2015, Boston Consulting Group released Catching the Next Wave of Outbound M&A in which it reviewed the last-decade development and the current state of Chinese enterprises’ outbound M&A, analyzed the emerging trends, identified possible challenges facing Chinese companies during M&A, and ultimately raised solutions. With the helpfulness of the report, main insights were refined from it by Shanghai Development Strategic Research Institute for leaders’ decision-making.
  • The Status Quo and Trends of Global Manufacturing Cost Competitiveness2016-10-8 In the report The Shifting Economics of Global Manufacturing: How Cost Competitiveness is Changing Worldwide released in August, 2015, Boston Consulting Group identified dramatic changes in global manufacturing competitiveness from 2004 to 2014. China’s manufacturing industry is under great pressure with its cost having risen to be nearly the same as the US’s, while Mexico and the US are the current rising stars of global manufacturing. Dramatic changes in cost force companies to realign the global footprint, leading to the shift of global economic landscape with global manufacturing more regional-based. The research provides some lessons for Shanghai in developing advanced manufacturing industry. Main ideas conclusions in the report are refined as follows for leaders referring to.